To deepen our research on work in Australia we interviewed Vinicio, owner of a great restaurant “The Secret” in Sydney , in the town of Manly. Let’s find out more about the advice on how to become a restaurateur and on work in the hospitality sector.

Let’s start with some advice for those who intend to invest in Australian catering. The first piece of advice is to come to Australia to learn about the system and society of this country , both very far from our Italian culture. To succeed and integrate you need to know and learn: only after doing this can you propose your own ideas that can be successful. Australians are a people of a friendly nature and love the Italian culture and people but they must know how to integrate themselves to become truly part of this culture.

Getting to know Australian culture will also help you learn what the Australian idea about catering is. You will learn, for example, that Australians do not like to wait to eat and that their patience is limited. Even their idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčItalian food is different from what we can imagine: for these reasons it is essential for a future Italian restaurateur to know this land and this culture .

Now let’s talk about the costs. Although, despite the crisis, the Australian economy is still quite solid and gives excellent investment margins, the costs you have to pay are high and you won’t have to make the mistake of underestimating them. A rent of a good sized room on the beach of Manly is around AUD $ 6000 per week, to which you will have to add the costs of managing the premises, salaries and raw materials. Be aware that in recent years even Italian raw materials have become easier to find because the culture of this country has grown from a gastronomic point of view.

The chances of earning are there, a lot will also depend on the area where you decide to open your restaurant: the tourist areas give great access to the public but depend a lot on seasonality and on the period. Creating a quality product will benefit you in fighting the competition that, in Australia, is very high in the catering sector. Italian pizzerias and restaurants are very numerous and you will have to create a solid project to distinguish yourself.

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