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You know that you deserve some time with your friends to chill after the long day at office. Or you just have enough time to enjoy some snacks and a beer, or maybe you and your friends have just completed that project you guys worked so hard on, or maybe you just want to spend some free time with friends or family.

"We present The Wharf Restaurant"

Well, we present The Wharf Restaurant, where you can come with your friends and family and enjoy the décor, the cocktails and the local cuisines. We are one of the best Bar and Restaurant operating in Australia.
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Services we offer

At The Wharf Restaurant, we provide a range of eatables and drinkables. You can find many of the local cuisines in our menu, with custom made cocktails and beer at our bar. We put great emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. This is why make sure that all the ingredients that we use are free from any kind of alteration, fresh, and organic where possible. We also follow strict regulations for making sure the items we offer you are as healthy as possible.

Local Cuisines

We offer a wide variety of local cuisines to choose from, and our you will surely find your favorite cuisine in our menu. All the food that we sell is freshly made using the best, locally sourced ingredients available.

Cocktails and Drinks

At our bar, we have professional bartenders and mixologists that make your drinking experience at The Wharf Restaurant one to remember. All the cocktails are made fresh, handcrafted in-house by the restaurant’s mixologists.
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In case of any queries, any suggestions or if you want to contact us, simply drop us a message on our website https://thewharfrestaurant.com.au/, and we will get back to you within 2 days of receiving it.


5 Things You Must Not Do On a Group Tour

Travelling alone allows you to grow spiritually and mentally. But what good is traveling if you do not have the utmost fun. You have the chance to enjoy thoroughly without the worry of making arrangements and fearing that you might get lost. Travelling with a tour guide and a group allows you to be comfortable in a new setting and enjoy while exploring. However, one individual in the group can ruin the experience for the bunch. To avoid this from happening, here are 5 things that you must not do on a group tour.

Avoiding research

Everything depends on this. Read everything that the tour you are deciding on has to offer. From the offers, plans, to the rules and terms of agreement, read everything clearly. Ask the agency if you have any questions or if you need an added benefit. Research will help you keep surprises and inconvenience at bay. Also look for reviews so you can decide if the tour can meet your expectations or not. The trip must meet your expectations, otherwise it is a waste of money, excitement and energy.

Violating the rules

If you are signing up for a tour you will come across some rules and agreements. If they deem fit to you and after you agree to them you must refrain from any form of violation. This will keep you from encountering any distasteful situation which can result in you dreading the trip. For instance, if you decide to go on day trips from adelaide on your own and do not inform your group, not only will you be violating terms of agreement but you will be ruining the experience for your group.

Causing delays

Luck for you, your tour in a group is preplanned and all arrangements are in place. The biggest responsibility you have is to be punctual. If you fail to do so you will be causing delays. This might result in cancellation or mismanagement which will cause inconvenience to the entire group and add negatively to the agency’s name.

Constant complaining

The energy that you reflect off of you affects your surroundings. If you are constantly complaining you will not only be worsening the experience for yourself rather you will be making it distasteful for everyone travelling with you. Remember everyone has spent the same amount for this trip to have an experience worth remembering.

Do not be selfish

Do not be selfish to put yourself above others. Group tours are based on teamwork and cooperation. If you keep distancing yourself from the group you will fail to enjoy the entire purpose of taking the trip. Don’t be unaccommodating with human differences. Every individual is different and you should enjoy this diversity. Distancing yourself or creating issues over matters that pertain to habits of someone different than you is a big NO! Keep your tongue tied, be on time, share your things, compromise, do everything that you need to do to enjoy with your group.


One of the business opportunities that Italians think is easier to implement is to open a restaurant in Australia. This article will serve to highlight the potential of this investment with an eye always attentive to the mistakes to be avoided and the advice to follow.

First of all the positive news: the Australian economy, despite the crisis, still offers good investment opportunities, even in the catering sector. Before deciding to take such an important step you will have to learn about the culture and daily life of this people in order not to make the mistake of setting your project in the wrong way.

How to open a restaurant in Australia

How to open a restaurant in Australia
Only if you have known the real Australian life and culture in depth can you set up a winning idea that will be appreciated and appreciated by this people who will be able to reward you with great familiarity and affection. You will learn to know the tastes and needs of Australian restaurants that are completely different from those you are used to in Italy. You will be confronted with haste, almost unknown in our country, but of the utmost importance among Australians who lack patience with their legs under the table. You will learn to use the ingredients and raw materials to offer a product that is as pleasing to this people as possible.

The competition in this sector is really very high so you will have to propose a valid product to impose yourself on the market. You will be amazed at the number of Australian restaurants and pizzerias located on the streets of the most important Australian cities: if you are not prepared you risk to fail before you even begin.

The first obstacle that you will face is costs and expenses: consider that for the rent of a medium-sized room you will have to budget at least 2500 AUD per month (an average of 600 dollars per week). a lot will depend on the area where you will be. Tourist areas have a large flow of people but they depend a lot on time and seasonality: evaluate all these aspects at the time of writing your project.


To deepen our research on work in Australia we interviewed Vinicio, owner of a great restaurant “The Secret” in Sydney , in the town of Manly. Let’s find out more about the advice on how to become a restaurateur and on work in the hospitality sector.

Let’s start with some advice for those who intend to invest in Australian catering. The first piece of advice is to come to Australia to learn about the system and society of this country , both very far from our Italian culture. To succeed and integrate you need to know and learn: only after doing this can you propose your own ideas that can be successful. Australians are a people of a friendly nature and love the Italian culture and people but they must know how to integrate themselves to become truly part of this culture.

Getting to know Australian culture will also help you learn what the Australian idea about catering is. You will learn, for example, that Australians do not like to wait to eat and that their patience is limited. Even their idea of ​​Italian food is different from what we can imagine: for these reasons it is essential for a future Italian restaurateur to know this land and this culture .

Now let’s talk about the costs. Although, despite the crisis, the Australian economy is still quite solid and gives excellent investment margins, the costs you have to pay are high and you won’t have to make the mistake of underestimating them. A rent of a good sized room on the beach of Manly is around AUD $ 6000 per week, to which you will have to add the costs of managing the premises, salaries and raw materials. Be aware that in recent years even Italian raw materials have become easier to find because the culture of this country has grown from a gastronomic point of view.

The chances of earning are there, a lot will also depend on the area where you decide to open your restaurant: the tourist areas give great access to the public but depend a lot on seasonality and on the period. Creating a quality product will benefit you in fighting the competition that, in Australia, is very high in the catering sector. Italian pizzerias and restaurants are very numerous and you will have to create a solid project to distinguish yourself.

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